Brilliant ideas to make your bathroom tiles mesmerizing


Tiles add temperament to the area and enhance it altogether. Bathroom tiles especially create a sense of luxurious that is impossible with paint. This post will provide you a number of concepts on how you can remodel your bathroom tiles and add sophistication to it.


  1. Mix it up

Using the same tile throughout the bathroom is very boring and outdated concept. Use two totally different tiles to form a singular look. Or you can even use more than two designs for different zones of the bathroom. Highlight the shelves and the shower space with bold coloured tiles, and a refined colour for the remaining areas.


  1. Let mosaics do the talking

Mosaics owing to their size and colour can usher in a lot of intensity to the theme. Cover your entire wall, from floor to the ceiling with mosaic tiles and allow them to be the hero of your area. To keep the cost down, balance it out with large-sized tiles.


  1. Play with patterns

To draw attention to one specific area of the bathroom patterned tiles are the best option. These tiles give you a wall that looks quite generous. You can find patterned tiles both in coloured and plain textures.


  1. A dark fantasy

If you are not set on using only bright colours, give dark shades a serious thought. Shades like dark grey and dark brown make the area look bold and luxurious. Contrasting them with light shade paint and sanitary ware will enhance the look even further.

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