Flooring ideas for your dining room

Dining room is the most formal space of the house. You entertain guests here and thus it should represent a certain level of class and sophistication. In your bedroom and bathroom, which are your personal spaces, you can follow your heart and decorate them the way you like. But the dining room should show how elegant you are. Here are some flooring ideas for your dining room that will make your guests jealous.


Go for wood-look tiles

Wooden flooring is considered to be a symbol of luxury. But it is very costly and also difficult to maintain. Wood-look tiles, on the other hand, give you luxury without the hassle. If you select good quality tiles most people will not be able to tell they are real or not, unless noticed very carefully. Also they are resistant to dust, dirt, scratches and a lot more.


A touch of nature

Adding a few elements of nature can make your dining room more lively and relaxing. With digital printing it has become very easy to create tiles with the scenery of a beach, water fall or something like that. You will get a whole new feel in the room. For more nature printed tiles you can visit SpenzaCeramics.com and take a look at our wide range.


Mixing different styles

Interior designers and decorators have a unique ability to find various styles that look gorgeous together. It actually takes a lot of trial and error at first. So, if you have the time you can do it yourself. The easiest way is to start with versatile styles. Take two or three designs that look good with anything and try to create a mix of those styles.

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