Bathroom makeover tips

When planning to remodel the bathroom a lot of people get stuck with the limited budget or small space. This forces them to drop the idea all together. But we are here to tell you that you can remodel your bathroom with any budget and space. The makeover tips we are going to share will help you convert your bathroom into a luxurious and elegant one without being too hard on your pocket. So, let’s start.


Large and light coloured tiles

One of the easiest ways to make a small space appear big is to use large tiles for the floor. Every architect and interior decorator will suggest you the same. So, go out there and look for the largest tiles you can find, like the MOUNTAIN size by Spenza Ceramics. It is not just one of the largest tile sizes in the market but also among the most designer.

Along with the size, you will also have to select the right colour. Bright colours also give the appearance of roomier space. So, avoid dark tiles and got for bright or neutral coloured ones.


Lighter and brighter walls

Just like the flooring, the walls also need to have a lighter colour. This is not just to make the bathroom appear big but also to add a soothing atmosphere. After all it is going to be the most private place of your home. You can opt for a light coloured wall paint, like light grey, however tiles are always a better choice. You can get several different styles and designs for the same colour.


Be clever with the fixtures

You cannot avoid using an essential fixture to keep the bathroom spacious. But you can use a slightly smaller sink and toilet seat to increase the free space. The same can be done for all the other fixtures. However, when selecting the mirror you need to think the opposite. Have a slightly bigger than usual mirror to make the bathroom appear bigger.

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