Tips for selecting the right outdoor tiles

19. Tips for selecting the right outdoor tiles.jpg

While selecting tiles for our homes we often forget about the balcony, veranda and outside walls. But the outdoors is just as important for making your home lavish and elegant as the living room or kitchen. Thus you should not ignore it. Here are some tiles that will help you select the best tiles of the outdoors.

  1. Matching colours with indoor tiles

If you want a subtle and elegant look for your home you should select the outdoors tiles that match the indoor ones. It does not have to be exactly the same shade, but just a bit similar. The basic colour and texture of the whole house should be similar. Otherwise it turns out to be too colourful, which is never good.

  1. Outdoors quality is more important

Obviously you look for the best quality in indoor tiles. But for outdoors it is even more important. The tiles in balcony or veranda or outside walls will face direct sunlight, rain, cricket balls of kids playing on the streets, and a lot more. These tiles should be able to endure all this without getting cracks or scratches or losing their colour.

  1. Lighting plays a great role

You should finalise the outdoor lighting before selecting the tiles. If the veranda or balcony is well lit, dark coloured tiles will look more appealing. If it is partially lit selecting light tiles is a better option. Otherwise the place would look either too dull or too shiny.

If you keep these things in mind while selecting outdoor tiles, you home will look mesmerising from inside as well as from outside. For more tips like these or any advice you can contact your nearest Spenza dealer.

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