Tips for getting your tiles installed properly

18. Tips for getting your tiles installed properly

Selecting the right tiles for your home is half the battle. The other half is getting them installed properly, so that they look their best and stay intact for years to come.

If you buy from a Spenza Dealer, you will get regular visits to your home during the installation to ensure everything is going smoothly. But still you should also keep an eye on the installation process. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your tiles are installed properly.

  1. Do not install tiles on fresh surface

The surface you want the tiles to be installed on should be plastered and ready in every other way at least one week or preferably two before the installation begins. You or your contractor might want to start the installation as soon as the surface gets ready to get the work done quickly. But you should wait. It will pay off.

  1. Lay down the tiles before installation

To make sure that the pattern you have in mind looks just as great in reality ask your tile installer to lay down the tiles in the desired pattern. It might seem a very time consuming task but actually takes only ten minutes or less. The installer will just keep the tiles on the floor in a proper sequence and you can see how it goes with your room. This way you can get the pattern changed before it’s too late.

  1. Check for faulty tiles

When you are getting the tiles laid down you should also check for cracks, scratches on any other fault. We, at Spenza Ceramics, ensure that you do not get any faulty tile. But still one in a hundred tiles gets broken or scratched during transportation. And once installed it is very difficult to replace a tile. Thus it is better to remove them before.

  1. Only use proper tiling solutions

Some people might suggest you to use cement for tile installation as it is slightly cheaper than tile adhesive, epoxy, grout, etc. But by using proper tiling solutions your floors and walls will not only look much better but also last a lot longer. At Spenza Tiling Solutions you will find every product needed for tile installation at affordable prices.

  1. For more information

If you need any other information or advice about tile installation or anything even remotely related to tiles, just give a call. We are always happy to help.

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