Complete guide to tile styles and interior decor

17. Complete guide to tile styles and interior decor

You must want your home to be different from all others. Everybody does! But in attempt to do so, some people often end up with childish designs and styles. To avoid doing so you need to follow certain style rules that all the experts keep in mind. Here is the complete guide to tile styles and interior decor.

Living room

The rest of the house is for you. But the living room is for the spectators, meaning guests. It is the centre of attention and thus should be as charming as it could be. You should use large format tiles, like the MOUNTAIN size (1600mm X 800mm) by Spenza Ceramics, to get a royal look. To add a character to the room you can give mosaic of patterned wall tiles a try.


The most expensive place to design these days is a bathroom. There are all sorts of luxury tiles and sanitary available that give your bathroom a grand look. Given it is going to be your personal space you should spare n expense in making the best it can be. Wood look tiles are gaining more and more popularity in bathrooms these days. You can have a look at the dozens of incredible wood look designs at your nearest Spenza dealer.


Earlier the kitchens used to dull and boring. No one gave it much thought. But these days, bright and catchy tiles are used to make the kitchen exciting. After all, it is the place where food is made, and also eaten in some cases.


The bedroom is for you, and it should say who you are. Select the tiles you like. Do not listen to others. Create a room that matches your personality. You should really feel at home when you are in your room. It should be comfortable, relaxing and meaningful.

Small spaces

It is not easy to design small spaces of your home. As soon as you start adding stuff the space starts looking cramped. You can use bog format tiles as they make a room look bigger. Also, adding a bog mirror on the wall will help. As for furniture, it should preferably be foldable and easy to move.

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