Benefits of using wall tiles for your home

16. Benefits of using wall tiles for your home

Right now there is no better option for flooring than tiles. You would rarely see anyone opting for anything else, like wood or marble. That’s because tiles are durable and easy to maintain.

But when it comes to walls, there is still a lot of confusion. Some people opt for ordinary wall paint, while others go for PVC panels or wallpaper. However, wall tiles are getting more and more traction with time. Most people are getting to realise that if it is good for floors it will work for walls as well. If you did not have that epiphany yet, the benefits of using wall tiles for your home are enlisted below.

  1. Stronger and way more durable

There is no doubt that tiles are a lot stronger than wood, PVC panels, wallpaper and obviously paint. It can last for several years without much care while any other option lasts only for a few years even after good care. This alone is reason enough to opt for wall tiles.

  1. Extremely easy to maintain

Keeping the tiles clean and shiny is extremely easy. You just need to wipe them with a wet cloth every other day or so. Tiles are resistant to dust, dirt, scratch, mould, fungus and a lot more. They do not absorb liquid. So there will be no stains of tea or coffee if someone spills anything. None of the other options for walls has this advantage.

  1. Best solution for moisture in walls

Many parts of our country have this problem. Moisture in the walls makes paint to wall, ruins wood and is not good for wallpaper either. Tiles however are completely unaffected by the moisture. If installed properly using good quality tile adhesive you will never have to worry about moisture again.

  1. Stops growth of termites

Tiles not only prevent termites but also stop them. If you have a termite problem in your home and been unable to control it get tiles installed on your walls.

By now you must be convinced that tiles are the best option for your walls. So, visit your nearest Spenza Dealer (click here) and take a look at one of the widest range of wall tiles in the market.

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