Keeping your tiles clean and shiny

Selecting new tiles for your home or office is a very exciting task. You spend a lot of time in going to all the reputed local stores and taking a look at all the major brands. Once you have done all this you might think your work is done. You might think that now your place will look amazing forever. But that is not the case. As you have to keep your tiles clean and shiny for that.

There is no need to worry though. Cleaning the tiles has never been easier. All the major brands like Spenza Ceramics provide tiles that are resistant to dust and dirt. If you have selected the right tiles you will be able to maintain the amazing look of your place without much effort. To help you out, here are some tiles for keeping your tiles clean and shiny.


  1. Regular care


The easiest way to maintain tiles, or anything else for that matter, is regular care. For floor tiles, use a regular floor cleaner and a mop. If you do this every day, or even on alternate days, you tiles will maintain their shine for years. For wall tiles, all you need is clean water and a soft cloth. You need to do nothing more than simply wiping the tiles.


  1. Avoid harsh treatment


Often tea or coffee or something else gets spilled on the tile. This gets people worried and start scrubbing the floor with harsh chemicals. This will get the stain off but also the shiny upper layer of the tile also gets removed, leaving it rough and dull. Thus you should avoid any harsh treatment. Regular cleaner can get the stains off. They will just take more time and effort.


  1. Spenza Tile Cleaner


If you are not able to get the stain off with a regular cleaner or you do not have much time, Spenza Tile Cleaner (brand name: SpenShine) is the solution. It is specially formulated for all types of tiles & marbles. You can use it for both interior and exterior use. It is easy to use, affordable and can remove any stain or spot. You can get it from the nearest Spenza Dealer.


  1. Keep the grout clean


Even after cleaning the tiles your floor or walls might still look dull and dirty. That could be because the grout is not clean. So, keeping the grout free from dust and dirt is equally important.

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