Give your bathroom a luxury spa-like look

14. Give your bathroom a luxury spa-like look

While looking at bathroom concepts on the internet or in a movie you must dream of having a similar one in your home, like most people do. But you also must have heard from some people who have tried that it is not possible. Here we are going to discuss some ideas and the mistakes those people did. We at Spenza Ceramics believe in making dreams into reality.


  1. Functionality is the priority

The biggest mistake most people do is focusing on design of the tiles. But it is actually the hygiene and cleanliness that makes a bathroom have a feel of luxury. So while selecting tiles you should focus more on their functionality, that is to be resistant to water, moisture, bacteria, etc. Such properties make the tiles easy to maintain and thus look new forever.


  1. Next comes the style/design

There is such a large variety of options available in tiles, in terms of size, texture, design and a lot more. The large format tiles are quite trending these days as they make the bathroom appear bigger by reducing grout lines. Moreover light coloured tiles make the bathroom look brighter and more sophisticated.


  1. Think outside the box

The bathrooms we see in a spa or a hotel look so amazing because they are different and unique. But most of us are often afraid of doing something unusual. Well, if you want your bathroom to be different you need to think differently. It is not entirely up to you to come up with a unique idea. You can easily find new concepts on the internet, or ask the nearest Spenza Dealer for help.

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