What makes the MOUNTAIN size by Spenza outstanding?

12. What makes the MOUNTAIN size by Spenza outstanding

Spenza Ceramics has the habit of coming up with new styles, designs and sizes in order to keep the keep the market engaged. The latest product range we have launched is the MOUNTAIN size. The dimensions of these tiles are 1600mm X 800mm, which makes them one of the largest tiles available today. You can go to your nearest Spenza Dealer (click here) and have a look at this amazing new range of products yourself. But before you do that let us tell you why we are so excited about these tiles.


Bigger is better

There is no doubt that bigger tiles are always better. They make the room look bigger, are easy to install, reduce the grout lines and have many other advantages. That’s why we have been bringing bigger and bigger tiles to the market, and the MOUNTAIN size is just another step. In future we hope to launch even larger sizes.


Extra durable

These tiles are not just bigger but also stronger. They are well equipped to handle heavy furniture and large traffic, which makes them great for commercial use as well. Get these tiles installed and they will serve you for years to come.


Forever the same

Even if you select the most amazing tiles they will get dull and boring with time. But that is not a problem with the MOUNTAIN size. These tiles are designed to retain their shine for a very long time. They are resistant to dust, dirt, water, etc, which allows them to stay as good as new.

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