Double charged vitrified tiles are the best for floors

11. Double charged vitrified floor tiles are the best.jpg

Tiles keep changing and improving with time. Every couple of years a new technology comes that is way better than the previous one. And the best one that is available these days is the double charged vitrified tile. It is the best option for flooring. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Great for both residential and commercial purposes

Whether it’s your low traffic rooms or a high traffic shopping mall, these tiles can handle anything. Constant footsteps or weight of furniture, double charged vitrified tiles can withstand it all.

  1. The shine remains as it is for a long time

Most of the tiles look great when they are newly installed. But after sometime their shine and feel starts to fade. The double charged vitrified tiles offered by Spenza Ceramics however retain their look for several years.

  1. In terms of maintenance these tiles are very easy

Whether it’s your home or office you do not want too much time on maintenance. That’s where these vitrified tiles can make your life easier. There is no kind of extra maintenance required. Just regular and simple cleaning will keep them spotless.

  1. Low absorption is another advantage

The double charged vitrified tiles can also be installed outside as they have really low absorption. Whether it’s raining or someone accidently spilled coffee the tiles will be unaffected.

Spenza Ceramics has a wide range of double charged vitrified tiles with hundreds of designs, if not more. Find your nearest Spenza Dealer (click here) to take a look at our collection.

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