Travok Grey 800x800MM Glazed Vitrified Tile by Spenza

9. Travok Grey 600x600MM Glazed Vitrified Tiles by Spenza-1.jpg

Spenza Ceramics has added a new and exciting tile to its already vast collection. This is a glazed vitrified tile available in 800x800MM size. And its shade is the trending Travok Grey. You can see this tile in action at any Spenza Dealer. Click here to find a dealer near you.

Grey and its similar shades are quite popular among architects and interior designers. This delightful tone brings so many advantages that will make you fall in love with it. So, let’s discuss some ideas to use Travok Grey 800x800MM Glazed Vitrified Tile in your home or office.

9. Travok Grey 600x600MM Glazed Vitrified Tiles by Spenza-2.jpg

  1. It goes with any other tile

Grey tile looks good with tiles of any other shade. You can use dark or light colour to contrast with it. This increases the number of possibilities and allows you to create a unique look.


  1. Matching is also as option

Create amazing contrasts with Travok Grey tiles is easy. But you can also go for matching. That is, you can use the same shade for both floor and wall. This gives you a boldly elegant look.


  1. Same is true for grout

With grey you can use tile of any colour – dark, light or grey. The same is true for the grout. If you are going to use tiles of same colour use grout in contrast, and vice versa.


  1. Grey is a neutral shade

While selecting tiles, or any other thing for your home, you want something that is neither dull nor flashy. Because dull is not interesting and flashy is not elegant. But travok grey is a neutral shade. This makes it both interesting and elegant.


  1. Easy to find sanitary ware or furniture

Grey being a neutral colour can be used in any part of your home, like bathroom or drawing room. And as mentioned above grey goes with any shade, it is very easy to find furniture or sanitary ware that look great in your room.

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