Epoxy grout vs Cement grout – which is better?

6. Epoxy grout vs Cement grout - which is better

When tiles first came to Indian market cement grouting was the obvious choice. And the trend has been going on ever since. Now however people are starting to realize that there is a much better option available – epoxy. It is a mixture of resins and filler material, while cement is made from powder mix. But that sort of technical stuff is not going to help you decide. So here are some pros and cons of using epoxy over cement so that you can take the right decision.


Pros of using epoxy

The most important thing is that epoxy is made especially to be used as filler for tiles. Thus it has got all the properties you need in filler. For instance, it is way stronger than cement. While cement can crack and break over time, epoxy stays as it is. If good quality epoxy is installed properly it can be even stronger than the tile itself. Besides that it is resistant to almost every type of chemical used for cleaning or any other purpose, which makes it last even longer.

When it comes to appearance, epoxy still proves to be better than cement. You can find dozens of colors and shades of epoxy. This makes it very easy to find the one that suits best with your tiles. It has a plastic texture which gives an expensive look to the tiles, something you can never get with cement. And epoxy’s great looks stay on forever as epoxy is resistant to dirt and dust. Even if it gets dirty someway, you can clean it very easily.


Cons of using epoxy

No doubt epoxy is really great, but it is still not perfect. It is more expensive that standard cement and also takes longer to settle. However, if you think about it, epoxy takes more time and money just ones. After that it will benefit you for years to come. That’s why Spenza Ceramics always recommend epoxy to customers.


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