Tips and ideas for small sized bathrooms

5. Tips and ideas for small sized bathrooms

When people are getting their bathrooms renovated or built their favourite pastime is look at the modern and luxurious designs on the internet. Although you can find really amazing designs online most of them are for large bathrooms, which seem useless as most of us do not have that much space. But this does not mean we cannot make it interesting. Here are some tips and ideas that can make a small bathroom look bigger and beautiful.

Tile related tips

  1. The most important thing is to select big sized tiles. Use of small tiles creates a lot of joints, which makes the bathroom appear even smaller. Some people might say that using big tiles increases cost as a lot of cutting has to be done. But an experienced installer can easily minimize that by placing the tiles properly.
  2. Using the same shade and tone throughout the bathroom is also a great way to make it look bigger. You can easily find tiles for floor and walls that have a similar colour but still look very different. Visit your nearest Spenza dealer to take a look at our wide range. And once you have selected the tiles, opt for similar shade paint for walls and ceiling.
  3. If you think the same colour throughout the bathroom might look dull there is a solution for that as well. You can use highlighter tiles to give a twist in your design. You can simply go for a column of contrasting tiles if you have budget constraints. Otherwise you can go for a mosaic.
  4. Tiles with bold colours like red, yellow, orange, etc can take the focus away from the size. No one will pay attention to how much the area is your design is simply different, unusual.

Other tips

  1. Lights can completely change the way your bathroom looks. Choose the lights of different colours and have them placed in a way the area looks bigger.
  2. Use of large mirrors is a secret of making any space larger than it actually is. Any expert can suggest you on that.
  3. Using round sanitary ware (washbasin and toilet seat) also makes bathroom look spacious. Placing the washbasin in a corner can clear a lot of space as well.

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