Latest ideas for kitchen tiles to create a unique look

4. Latest ideas for kitchen tiles to create a classy look

For women, kitchen is the most important part of the house. It is the place where they add love to the food and share it with all members of the family. It is the place where housewives spend most of their time. That’s why the kitchen has to be unique.

You will find a large variety of tiles in the market dedicated to kitchens. At Spenza Ceramics, we have double charged tiles, digital glazed tiles, polished vitrified tiles and much more to help you create a unique kitchen.

But along with selecting the right tiles you also need some ideas to give your kitchen a signature look. Here are some of the latest ideas.


  1. Laying the tiles in a unique way

Even the simplest and most common tiles can give your kitchen a unique look. Combination of contrasting colors and installation in a different angle are to name a few. You can go for unique patterns or use of mosaic tiles. Also, there are experts that can create extraordinary designs by cutting and joining ordinary tiles. You can get in touch with your nearest Spenza dealer for such designs.


  1. Go for a designer kitchen backsplash

Setting a trend is always better than following one. That’s what makes designer backsplash a great idea. It is a new concept and is not very common in our country. Backsplashes were used to protect from splatters and spills. But nowadays you can find extremely stylish tiles for this area that will fulfill both purposes.


  1. Your favourite food on walls

This might sound foolish at first, but that’s how good ideas are born. You must have seen kitchens that have tea cups and other such things printed on wall tiles. It used to look great, but not anymore. So now you can get your favorite fruits, cuisines and beverages on your kitchen tiles. Some people are even starting to have a small area of plain tiles on the wall, which they use to right today’s menu. If you really want a unique kitchen, these are the ideas that will get it done.

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