Digital Tiles – making homes luxurious

3. Digital Tiles - making homes luxurious

If you are browsing the market for good tiles for your home you must hear a lot about digital tiles. They are the top sellers at most of the tile showrooms. But before you invest your precious money in digital tiles it is better to know a little about them.

In the simplest words, these are digitally printed ceramic tiles. It is the digital printing that makes them special. Due to this they are virtually no limit in terms of design. This gives you unlimited options in color as well as pattern. Now let’s take a look at how these digital tiles can play a role in home décor.


Pattern based themes

These days there is a craze of creating themes in homes. You might have asked your interior decorator to do the same. With old types of tiles people were only able to create color based themes. That looked good, but it is very out dated now. Also, there are a limited number of combinations of colors that can give you the luxurious look.

With digital printing however, you can have pattern based themes. And new patterns are launched in market every day. The only limitation here is the imagination of your interior decorator.

If you do not feel like hiring a decorator, you can use our Tile Visualizer to play with different patterns right now.


Impression of natural elements

Before digital printing it was never so easy to get the impression of natural elements on tiles. Nowadays you have elements like leaves, stones, etc so perfectly imitated that they feel very real. And this gives a whole new level of luxury to your home. This allows you to decorate your room based on your personality. Same goes for all members of your family.


Low water absorption

Besides designs and patterns, digital tiles have one more advantage over ordinary ceramic tiles. The digital printing makes them more water resistant. So, you can use them where there is leakage, or you expect leakage there in future.

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